How to Disable Avast Pop-Up Notification? Avast Troubleshooting

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the top freeware antiviruses available in the market. You can easily install Avast Antivirus from its official website. Avast antivirus provides a number of products for the different need of the user.

Top features of Avast antivirus:

1. Smart Scan: This antivirus provides the best scan to detect and remove all malware from your device.

2. Sandbox: If you want to download a file, but it seems suspicious then you can download it in a sealed space to check it out. Avast Pro Partitions a space in your device, where you can check your downloads without infecting the rest of the device. This feature is very useful in businesses for file sharing.

3. Home Network Protection: Avast Antivirus will alert you if the router is not working properly, which can save you from dealing from hackers which can break your network security. If a hacker breaks your network, he can easily access any device or any file which is connected to the network. Avast Antivirus protects your device from intrusions, and does not any extensions which you didn’t accept.

4. Webcam Shield: This feature is available in the latest version of Avast Premier suite which prevents applications and malware from accessing your computer’s webcam without your knowledge. With this feature, all the untrusted applications cannot take images and videos and send it to others from your device to compromise your privacy.

5. Sensitive Data Shield: Sensitive Data Shield scans and protects your sensitive documents and files against unauthorized access and malware. The files which are considered as sensitive contains your private information, and if revealed can damage your privacy and identity. This feature controls which users and applications have access to your files to secure your personal data.

6. Do not Disturb Mode: This is a very new feature in Avast Antivirus. There is an upgrade to the previous Game Mode Feature. This mode works to silence unnecessary notifications while you are running applications in fullscreen like movies, and games. Every time you open an application in fullscreen, this mode detects it and adds it to a list of applications automatically. Then any time you run those applications from the list of entities, Do Not Disturb Mode will launch to silence notifications from Avast Antivirus, Windows, other updates etc.

7. Ransomware Shield: This feature secures your personal documents, images, and other files from being deleted, modified, or encrypted by ransomware attacks. Ransomware Shield scans and secures folders which contains your personal data and allows you to specify which folders you want to protect from all untrusted applications. This feature can specify which application is allowed to modify your documents are which are not.

While using Avast antivirus you have seen that Avast keeps popping up threat has been detected this pop-up may cause a distraction while playing a game or watching movies.

Disabling Avast Pop-ups

1. Virus Definitions Update Pop-up Notification: This is the most common update in which the Avast lady notifies you “Avast Virus database has been updated”. Avast messages keep popping up which makes you angry. This notification is displayed each time your program gets automatically updated with the latest database of virus definitions. Here are two solutions to this problem:

  • Open the program and go to ‘Settings’. Find menu item ‘Update’ and go to ‘Details’. Uncheck the ‘Show notification box after any automatic update’ box.
  • Use the latest version of Avast antivirus

If you want to disable Avast Pop-UP Notification, Call Avast Support

2. Disabling Avast Update Pop-up Notification: This pop-up will be displayed when there is a new version of your Avast antivirus is available. It will keep prompting you until you update your Antivirus software. No matter you are using freeware or paid version. This message says “Your Avast antivirus is outdated. Update your antivirus to ensure the best protection. Update now”

Here are two solutions to this problem:

• The best way is to update your Antivirus. You can update by clicking on “Update now”, or by opening Avast user interface>>Settings>>Update>>Program>>Update
• If you do not want to update your current version of Avast antivirus, then you can disable these pop-ups by opening Avast user interface>>Settings>>Update>>Program>> open Settings>> select>>Manual update

Call Avast customer service, if you want to Disable Avast Pop-up Notification

3. Disabling Software Updater Pop-up Notification: This pop up appears when you have some outdated software on your computer. It keeps popping up until use any Avast pop up blocker technique. But it could be more annoying because some programs have new versions on daily basis. The best way is to ignore those programs and keeps track on others. This message says ‘Important updates for some programs are ready for installation. Show updates’

Solutions for this issue:

• If you are using Avast version 2014,2015,2016,2017 or 2018, then there you can easily turn off those pop-ups. Open Settings>>Tools>>Software Updater>>Customize. Uncheck the “Notifications enabled” option.
• Open Software Updater tool. Find the programs updates you want to ignore, click “Ignore Updates”.
If you tried every method but Avast pop up won’t go away then Call () for your help.

4. Disabling Avast SecureLine VPN pop-up Notifications: You can see these pop-ups in both freeware as well as paid one. These pop-ups are for sales or upgrade one. Follow these steps to block these pop-ups.
If you are using proprietary version then you can just opt-out for all offers.
• Open Settings>>General>>Popups>>Uncheck “Show popup offers for other Avast products
• If you want to turn off SecureLine VPN component completely then, open Avast interface>>Settings>>Tools>>Switch it to OFF

If you are facing any problem regarding Avast pop-ups, then contact Avast. This support service will resolve all issues regarding Avast pop-ups. This service is available 24*7, which means you can get the best support any time of the day.

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How to turn off Avast upgrade popups?

As you know, Avast is the best freeware antivirus program which offers a good number of features. Indeed it is free but you will get several Avast Free Disable Popups or Avast upgrade popup. If you are using the free plan of Avast antivirus then you may get these pop-ups often. The best option to stop Avast Popups is to upgrade your Avast antivirus. You can follow the given steps to upgrade your Avast antivirus:

  1. Open your device and click on the Avast upgrade popup
  2. You will be redirected to Avast page
  3. Click on the sign-in option
  4. If you have an Avast account then you can directly log into your account
  5. Enter your Avast username
  6. Enter the password
  7. Now press the Login button
  8. But if you are new to Avast then click on Sign up button and create an account
  9. Enter your details
  10. Select your country and language
  11. Make sure you are providing a genuine email address where you will receive your setup
  12. Click on Sign In button
  13. Now you will get various Avast plans on your screen
  14. Check all the plans and click on which is compatible with your device. Check your order and payment details on Cart window
  15. Tap the Confirm button
  16. Provide the billing details and press the Purchase button

The billing process will take some time. Wait until you get a confirmation message on your screen. Now go to your email address and click on Avast Antivirus 2018 email. Run the URL provided on the email. Don’t forget to check the receipt. The setup will remove your existing setup and then start installing automatically. Once you block Avast pop-ups; use your new Avast antivirus to secure your PC.

How to disable Avast antivirus renewal popup?

You will get Avast renewal popup when your antivirus is about to expire. But many Avast antivirus provides auto-renewal mode. This mode renews your antivirus automatically a month. You will get a popup when you turn-off Avast auto-renewal mode. To enable your Avast auto-renewal mode to stop Avast annoying pop-ups. Follow the given steps to enable your Avast antivirus auto-renewal mode:

  1. Open your Avast dashboard
  2. Click on My Info page
  3. Go to the subscription option
  4. Click on Auto-renewal mode

Avast antivirus websites will appear on your screen. Click on My Profile page and go to auto-renewal mode. Toggle disable Avast to enable. A confirmation popup may appear on the screen; click on the Yes button. Now your Avast free stop popups will get stopped. But if you don’t want to enable your auto-renewal mode then you have to renew your Avast antivirus automatically. Click on the renewal popup and you will be redirected to Avast website. Avast antivirus renewal page will appear on the screen. You have to enter your payment details. Check all your details carefully and then click on the Pay button. Wait until you get the Avast renewal confirmation message on the screen. Once you renew your antivirus; you will not get pop-ups again.

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