How to fix iTunes Error 9

iTunes is one of the most favorite utility of Apple users. But sometimes Apple users also face some common errors like iTunes restore error 9 while using iPhone or iPod. It is a very common error in iPhone 5s, 6, 6 plus and 7.


What is iTunes Error 9?

iTunes Error 9 is not a common error like other iTunes error; it occurs when you are trying to up upgrade the firmware but it can also appear while restoring the iPhone. When the iTunes Error 9 occurs, it stops everything you are trying to do.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9


Causes of iTunes error code 9

If you see a message iPhone could not be restored error 9, it can happen due to these causes:

  • Incorrect or corrupted network settings
  • Security software like any antivirus or firewall preventing access of iTunes
  • Defective USB cable or ports
  • Jailbroken

There can be multiple other causes of this problem

Easy to do things before searching for the actual solution:

  • Check your iTunes version. If any new version is available then update your iTunes immediately.
  • Check your Mac/PC for new updates. If available, update your device as soon as possible.
  • Check the disk space in your device for new updates.

If you are still facing the iTunes Error 9, then check for the possible solutions.


How to fix iPhone error 9?

iTunes error 9 is a software related error. Software related problems are easy to remove than the hardware related errors.

Here are some possible solutions for iTunes Error code 9:

  1. Deactivate antivirus and firewall temporarily: Third-party antivirus and other safety software can prevent iTunes from accessing the Apple server sometimes. You can solve Apple unknown error 9 by removing security programs. The steps for turning off the antivirus are different in Windows and Mac.

Windows systems:

  1. Open antivirus software
  2. Go to settings
  3. Search for the option and turn it off
  4. Go to control panel
  5. Open system and security link
  6. Go to the Windows firewall
  7. Click on Turn windows firewall on or off
  8. Turn off the firewall of your system.
  9. Check for the error

If you still see the error then toggle the switch and turn on the firewall

Mac Systems:

  1. Open antivirus
  2. Open settings
  3. Search for the option and turn it off
  4. Go to system preferences in the Apple menu
  5. Open security and privacy
  6. Open the firewall tab
  7. Unlock it by clicking the lock
  8. Enter the administrator username and password
  9. Click on stop button for turning off the firewall
  10. Check for the error

If not solved, turn on the antivirus and firewall again

  • Check the ports: You can also get iTunes Error 9 due to faulty port. Follow the steps mentioned below for solving iTunes error code 9:
  1. Detach your iPhone from the port.
  2. Plug your iPhone to the different port of your PC/Mac

If the issue is solved and iTunes error 9 doesn’t appear, it means the port you are using previously is defected.

  • Check the USB cable: A faulty cable can also produce iTunes Error 9. Follow the steps mentioned below for solving error 9.
  1. Detach your iPhone and PC/Mac from the USB cable
  2. Use a different USB cable
  • Check for the error

If the error is resolved, it means the fault is in your cable.

  • Check the Wi-Fi connection: A slow Wi-Fi connection can also cause iPhone unknown error 9. To resolve these issues follow these steps:
  1. Disconnect the Wi-Fi connection of both the device
  2. Wait for a minute
  3. Try connecting again to the network

If you still get the error, then try to connect with another Wi-Fi network

You can use any methods which are mentioned above for solving iTunes error code 9. But if you are still unable to solve iTunes error 9, call Apple Support for help. We are providing 24*7 services. You can easily contact us, and get the best service support for all kinds of issues related to iPhone or iTunes. Our technical engineers are always available for your help. We will listen to your problem and assist you in the best way we can. We are available around the clock for seven days a week for all kind of service support; this will save your time as well as money.

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