How to Fix Mac Error Code 43

Mac OS is second widely used computer OS. Mac has a great reputation in the market. Usually Apple device are reliable and the error reports are less compared to other devices. But you may face some errors while using Mac. One of the most common errors in Mac is error code 43.

What is Error code 43 Mac?

Error code 43 is popped up with a message The Operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error code-43)

This error is only found in Mac computers. MacBook users do not have to face this kind of error. Till now Mac error 43 is only reported in X El Capitan and OS X 10.2. You can see this type of error usually when you try to delete a file and move it to the trash or when you are trying to move the files from one place to another.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 43

Causes of Error Code-43

You can get the error code 43 due to many reasons:

  • No shared Point: You can see this error when you are trying to share a file but there is no shared point. It means that the finder is unable to the file which you are trying to move.
  • Illegal Characters: Error code 43 can appear when you mistakenly use on more illegal characters like @ # $% ^ in the name of your file. So it’s recommendable to avoid using illegal characters in the file name.
  • Using active or locked file: This error can occur when you are trying to move the file which is locked or in use.
  • Incomplete download: Error 43 can appear when you are trying to move the file which is not completely downloaded.
  • Hard Disk Error: You can see this error when there is some problem in the hard disk.


How to fix error code Mac

Here are some methods for fixing Mac error code-43

  • Reset your PRAM or NVRAM
  1. Shut down your Mac
  2. Locate command, option, P, and R keys
  3. Turn on your Mac and press all those buttons simultaneously before the grey startup screen.
  4. Do not release those keys until you hear startup sound three times.
  5. The PRAM will be reset and it will fix the MacBook Error code 43
  • Use disk utility: If you see error item cannot be deleted Mac, check the permissions issue. You can use the Disk Utility tool for this purpose.


MacOS error code 43 is related to corrupt files or missing files. It means you have if there are any permission issues or directory corruption. Using disk utility can be a good method for this problem. It is a built-in tool which can help you in drive-related issues. You should always try this tool whenever you this type of problem.

  1. Go to Apple menu, click Restart
  2. Hold command and R key together until the Apple logo appears
  3. Click on the Disk Utility
  4. Continue
  5. Go to the panel and select the disk you want to repair
  6. Press the First-aid button and click on Continue
  7. You can see many Disk utility reports
  8. If you see that the disk is about to fail, then quickly backup everything and purchase a new drive.
  9. Tap the run button.
  10. If it shows no issues with the driver, you can exit the tool.
  11. Click on view details button to see the details.
  12. You may see overlapped extent allocation error if several files are occupying the same spot on your drive.
  13. Out of those files, one file can be corrupt and you have to spot it.
  14. If the file is not important to you, then you can delete it.
  15. If the file is important then try to open the file and check whether it is corrupt or not
  16. After this, run the first aid tool again and if the message appears again then backup your all data and format the disk.


  • Delete Locked Files: If you see error code 43 Mac can’t delete file, the best way to solve this problem is removing the locked files.
  1. Open your Mac computer
  2. Go to application>Utilities>Terminal
  3. Type chflags –R nouchg
  4. Empty the trash by opening trash icon and pressing Command + A key. Mark all files you want to delete and drag them from trash to terminal.
  • Force quit finder: You can try force quitting and then re-launching the finder, this may easily solve this problem. Finder will easily find the bug which is preventing it from deleting the file. This is a simple solution and only takes a bit of time.
  1. Open Apple menu
  2. Choose Force quit option in the left part of the Window
  3. Locate the finder to the list of application
  4. Choose the Relaunch option


You can use any solutions mentioned above for solving error code 43. But if you are not able to solve this error and don’t know how do you delete files on a Mac, you can get help from our support service.

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Mac OS X is a series of graphical OS developed by Apple. Mac OS X is the primary OS for Apple Mac computers. It was presented as the 10th major version for Apple’s operating system for Mac computers.

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