How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Errors 0, 12152

McAfee security provides the most simple and effective means for customers around the world to protect their identity and data. It provides security solutions which protect data and stop threats from the device to cloud using a proactive, open and intelligence-driven approach.

A user may face some errors while using McAfee Antivirus in his system. The common McAfee antivirus errors are 0 and 12152.

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Errors 0 12152


Symptoms of Error 0, 12152:

• Error 1215 or Error 0 will appear on the desktop screen and crashes the active program
• Frequent crashes with the same program
• Windows with start running slowly
• McAfee error while installing updates
• Freezing of mouse and keyboard time to time



• Incomplete or corrupt download
• Corrupt Windows registry
• Malware infection


Solutions for fixing McAfee Error Code 0 and McAfee Error Code 12152:

Repair Register Entries:

Before repairing your Windows registry, you should keep a backup by exporting registry related to these errors.

1. Go to the start button
2. Type command in the search bar, do not press the Enter button
3. Press control and shift button, then press the Enter button
4. A permission dialog box will appear
5. Click on yes
6. A black box will appear
7. Type regedit and press Enter button

In this register editor, select the errors which are related to error 0 or 12152 for the backup
1. Choose Export from the file menu
2. Save those files with .reg extension
3. Now you can have the backup of your registry entry

Now you have to edit your register entry, but if you are not from IT background then do not try it yourself.


Full malware scan of your system:

You may get these errors due to malware infection. Try full scan of your computer then restart your computer and check whether the errors are solved or not.


Remove all system junk:

Your system may store lots of junk files due to web surfing. If you didn’t clean the junk, it can slow down your system. Cleaning the junk files may not resolve your errors but it will definitely speed up your system.


Update the PC drivers:

You can also get these errors due to outdated or corrupt device drivers. But finding and fixing the device drivers is not an easy task and it is quite time-consuming. If you install the wrong device driver, it can increase your problems.


“Undo” the recent changes:

System restore will allow undoing the recent changes. This can also solve your error codes.
1. Go to the start button
2. Type System Restore in the search box and press Enter button
3. Click on System Restore
4. Enter the admin password
5. Follow the onscreen commands
This will restore your computer


Install available Windows Updates:

You may get those errors due to outdated windows updates. Updating the available Windows updates may resolve these errors.
1. Go to the start button
2. Type update on the search bar and press the Enter button
3. A dialog box will appear with Windows Updates
4. Check for any updates, if available then click on the Install Updates button


Installation of Windows:

If your problem does not resolve with any other solutions then installation a new window can provide you with a fresh start. But it will erase everything from the hard drive. So, it’s better to show your device to any good technician before reinstalling the Windows.

If you are not a technically sound person, then asking for help from McAfee Customer Service Number can be a good option for help.

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