How to Fix Microsoft Edge Frozen Virus Popup

Online scams and phishing are very common these days. One of the most common malicious and fraud popup is virus alert. This is an easy way for the scammer to make you panic and make mistakes. They recommend some solutions and ask your personal credentials. In that case, don’t panic and never share your personal credentials to anybody.

What is Microsoft Edge Frozen Virus?

If you see something like Danger! Warning! Your computer has a serious virus! In your Microsoft Edge web browser, do not panic. This is just a scam, a malicious attempt to scare new Microsoft Edge users.

How to remove it?

  1. Whenever you get Microsoft Edge Virus, open your task manager and terminate the Microsoft Edge.
  2. Do not run Microsoft Edge from the shortcut, type in the Windows Search bar and search for it.
  3. Right-click on the new tab and chose to close all other tabs
  4. Close the Microsoft Edge browser. Next time when you start the Microsoft Edge browser, the Microsoft Edge Virus Alert should disappear.

The possible next step to stop Microsoft Edge Security Warning is downloading a good third-party antivirus. There are many good anti-viruses in the market. Choose a good antivirus according to the need of your computer for protecting your device from these scams as well as from other types of malware.

If something hijacked your Microsoft Edge browser and change the preferences, you can get them back by opening Settings>Advanced settings>Start page.

If you want to avoid the false warnings in the future, try ad-blocking extension. Microsoft Edge supports numbers of extensions, make sure to get a good ad-blocking extension as soon as possible for preventing your browser for all kinds of false warnings. The other preventive method can be not allowing the cookies on all sites and accept them only when appeared from a trusted source.

Microsoft Edge Pop Up virus warning

Sometimes you may also get a fake popup warning of Microsoft Edge. This mostly occurs when you click a malicious URL. When you click on the popup malware gets installed on your device. Whenever people see the warning popup message; they panic and click on the popup immediately. You should never click on any popup instantly. When you get the popup check your URL; if the pages you are accessing are not secure then close all the pages. You should always use https secure pages. Always check the padlock on the URL. If you can’t see the padlock then you should not access that site.

The best option to deal with fake Microsoft Edge Virus issues is to clear the cache. Follow the given steps to clear your cache:

  1. Open your device and go to the search bar
  2. Type Edge and hit the Enter button
  3. Click on the result and Edge browser will open on your screen
  4. Go to the top right corner and click on the three dots
  5. Go to the dropdown menu and hit the Settings button
  6. Click on Set up the new page and select Choose what to clear option on the Clear browsing data

Now you will get a list of items you can delete from your browser. Check the boxes of browsing history, download history, cached data and files, cookies, and saved websites data. This will remove all the tracking cookies and caches from your PC. If you are suspecting that your device is dealing with virus infection then you should also clear all the passwords and form data from your browser. It will help to secure your privacy. Once you clear all the items; restart your Edge and access your sites carefully.

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Virus?

If your device is dealing with a virus infection then the best and most simple technique to fix the error is using antivirus. Get a good security software program that can work as Microsoft Edge Virus Warning Removal tool and removes all malware from your device. Provide a full scan system scan and then restart your device.

Try resetting your Microsoft Edge Settings as if the issue is related to configuration or extension then it will get the fix immediately:

  1. Open your device and click on Microsoft Edge
  2. Go to the settings and more (click on the three dots on the top-right side)
  3. Click on the settings button

Now go to Reset settings and choose to restore settings to their default values button and tap the Reset button. Once you reset your Edge browser; all the changes which occur due to viruses will get reverted. You should always keep your Edge browser virus free because if your browser gets a virus; it may access your various accounts. It can also monitor your online activities and track your data. Virus infection can get you into data corruption or data-theft issues. Another good method for dealing with virus pop-ups in your browser is reinstalling Edge in your device. Uninstall the Edge and then provide a fresh installation that is fully secure.

Try closing the Edge from the task manager and scan the PC

If your Edge browser gets freeze and not closing then; you need to force close the Edge browser. Use the given steps for closing Edge browser on your device:

  1. Press the Windows and R keys from the keyboard simultaneously
  2. Tap the OK button
  3. Click on the Processes tab and search for browser
  4. Choose the Edge and tap the End Task option

Now close the task manager and now scan your PC with antivirus. If you have installed a personal antivirus then run a full system scan. On your Windows 10 PC, you can use the inbuilt security software Defender for scanning. After scanning your whole device, restart the system and check whether the Microsoft Edge pop up virus warning gets fixed or not.

Remove the junk from your system

The Microsoft Edge virus alert popup can appear when your device has accumulated lots of junk on your device. These junk files are usually harmless but sometimes they may start interrupting your programs and browsers. When your web browser shows you the error, check and remove all the junk accumulated by your device. Finding and cleaning the junk file by file is difficult and takes a lot of time. On the Windows device, you can use the junk cleanout tool. The inbuilt clean manager tool will scan your device and remove all the junk at once. Here are the steps to run clean manager on a Windows device:

  1. Close the Microsoft Edge virus message
  2. Click on the Start menu
  3. Go to your Run bar
  4. Type cmd and hit the Enter button
  5. a permission prompt will appear on the screen
  6. Choose Allow button

You will see the Windows command screen; type cleanmgr and hit the Enter button. This tool will start running on your device and then find all the junk accumulated on the system. Wait for a while and you will get a list of items on your screen. Go to the list and check all the items; choose the items you want to delete. Make sure you have chosen the temp files. Now hit the Enter button and all the junk on your device will get removed. After deleting all the junk, restart the system and check whether your Microsoft Edge virus issue gets fixed or not.

Uninstall the program conflicting with Edge

Many users reported that they are getting Microsoft Edge pop-up virus when they are using a certain program. The Edge virus warning is appearing due to the malicious program you have installed on your device. The program is conflicting with your Edge and showing the error. The conflicting issues mainly appear when you have installed any malicious program like third-party gaming or editing software.

How to fix Microsoft Edge virus?

If you are getting the Edge virus warning due to the conflicting program then remove the program from your device. You can follow the mentioned steps for uninstalling the program from your device:

  1. Close the Microsoft Edge virus alert
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. Choose the Setting tab and click on Apps

Go to the conflicting program and tap the Uninstall button

Follow the on-screen instruction and then restart the system. Check whether your Windows Edge virus issue gets fixed or not. If you are still getting the same issue then ask the technical team for Microsoft Edge virus warning removal.

You can get rid of Microsoft Edge Virus 2021 from the solutions mentioned above. If you are still unable to get rid of this Microsoft Edge Virus Pop-up, you can contact Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number for help.

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