How to Fix Microsoft Edge Frozen Virus Popup

Online scams and phishing are very common these days. One of the most common malicious and fraud popup is virus alert. This is an easy way for the scammer to make you panic and make mistakes. They recommend some solutions and ask your personal credentials. In that case, don’t panic and never share your personal credentials to anybody.

How to fix- Microsoft Edge Frozen Virus Popup


What is Microsoft Edge Frozen Virus?

If you see something like Danger! Warning! Your computer has a serious virus! In your Microsoft Edge web browser, do not panic. This is just a scam, a malicious attempt to scare new Microsoft Edge users.


How to remove it?

1. Whenever you get Microsoft Edge Virus, open your task manager and terminate the Microsoft Edge.

2. Do not run Microsoft Edge from the shortcut, type in the Windows Search bar and search for it.

3. Right-click on the new tab and chose to close all other tabs

4. Close the Microsoft Edge browser. Next time when you start the Microsoft Edge browser, the Microsoft Edge Virus Alert should disappear.


The possible next step to stop Microsoft Edge Security Warning is downloading a good third-party antivirus. There are many good anti-viruses in the market. Choose a good antivirus according to the need of your computer for protecting your device from these scams as well as from other types of malware.
If something hijacked your Microsoft Edge browser and change the preferences, you can get them back by opening Settings>Advanced settings>Start page.


If you want to avoid the false warnings in the future, try ad-blocking extension. Microsoft Edge supports numbers of extensions, make sure to get a good ad-blocking extension as soon as possible for preventing your browser for all kinds of false warnings. The other preventive method can be not allowing the cookies on all sites and accept them only when appeared from a trusted source.

You can get rid of Microsoft Edge Virus 2018 from the solutions mentioned above. If you are still unable to get rid of this Microsoft Edge Virus Pop-up, you can contact Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number for help.

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