How to Resolve Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working Error While Installing MS Office?


Bootstrapper initializes the app built with the help of the Composite Application library to simplify the dependencies of the installation process. If you are getting any errors in bootstrapper while installing MS Office then you should immediately fix it as you need MS Office for performing your various tasks. This error can occur due to various reasons such as :

  1. The installer and MS server communication point has been blocked with some third-party programs or antivirus software.
  2. The registry keys of your Windows get corrupted
  3. YOur I/Obit software is creating conflict with MS Office
  4. You have installed corrupted setup file of MS Office setup
  5. Incomplete MS Office setup
  6. Windows update process is interrupted by AppComparFlags
  7. You are trying to install an incompatible Office setup

How to Resolve Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has Stopped Working Error While Installing MS Office

Ways to fix Microsoft Bootstrapper Error Office 2013:

Remove all the third-party programs from your device

Third-party programs often conflict with the installation process. If you don’t want to get your device into any threat or any error then you should never install any third-party program on your device. If your Microsoft Bootstrapper has stopped working and you are unable to install MS Office then you should check for all the third-party software installed in your device. You can follow the steps given below for uninstalling all the third-party applications from your computer:

  1. Close all the running programs on your Windows
  2. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously from the keyboard
  3. The Run dialog box will appear on the screen
  4. Type appwiz.cpl in your run dialog box
  5. Hit the OK button

 You will see a list of all the installed programs in the Programs and Features window. If you see a third-party program or IoBit program then right-click on it and then hit the Uninstall button. You may have to follow some on-screen wizards to complete the software uninstallation process. After removing the third-party program, reboot your computer and try to install the MS Office setup. If you are still facing the same Bootstrapper has stopped working error then you should seek other solutions. 

Restart your task scheduler with Registry editor

If the task scheduler gets disabled automatically due to which the Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working. You have to restart the task scheduler to remove the error. Use the registry editor to restart the task scheduler by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Close your running programs
  2. Press R and Windows keys from the keyboard simultaneously
  3. A run dialog will appear 
  4. Now type regedit on your run box
  5. Press the OK button
  6. You may get permission wizard on your screen
  7. Press the Yes button
  8. Now you have to navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Schedule
  9. Choose Schedule and then double-click in your right panel
  10. Go to the value data and change it to 4
  11. Choose Hexadecimal 
  12. Hit the OK button for saving the changes

Now reboot your device and again try to install MS Office. Check whether your error gets fixed or not. If your installation process is still getting you errors then you may ask for technical support.

Try opening Setup.exe file in compatibility mode

If you are installing the older version of MS Office setup then you may get the setup bootstrapper has stopped working. But if you open the setup.exe file in the compatibility mode then you may troubleshoot this error. Here are the steps for opening a setup.exe file in compatibility mode:

  1. Close the programs and open File Explorer
  2. Go to Office Installation
  3. From the Installation folder, right-click on the setup.exe 
  4. Choose Troubleshoot Compatibility

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter window will appear on the screen. Click on Try recommended compatibility option. Hit the Test the program button and check whether the setup is opening without an error or not. Press the Next button and then click on Yes option. Again go to the installer and try to complete the installation process. Reboot the device and then check for the error. 

Sometimes the firewall of your device can also interrupt your installation process. If you have an antivirus in your device or the firewall installed then you should try disabling the firewall to install the MS Office. Hover your mouse to the taskbar. Click on your antivirus icon on the taskbar. Click on Change for the settings option. Select the Disable firewall option. Now try to install MS Office on your computer. If you are still getting the same error then you should ask for technical help.