How to Run Boot-Time Scan in Avast Antivirus 2021

Every Avast antivirus suite provides a feature which scans malware and viruses from your system before it start. This feature is known as Boot-Time Scan.

Boot-time scans before the Windows are loaded; it means it doesn’t give malware any chance to escape. A full boot-time scan is recommended once in a month to protect the system from malware.

How to Run Boot-Time Scan in Avast Antivirus

Here are the following steps to perform a Boot-Time Scan:

Scheduling a boot-time scan: Open Avast Antivirus program and go to ‘Protection’>>’Scans’. It will show a ‘Boot-time scan’ option. In this window, click on ‘Install specialized definitions’. After this, tap the green button ‘RUN ON NEXT PC REBOOT’. If you want to cancel the boot-time scan then click on the ‘Cancel scheduled scan’ button.

Advanced settings: If you want a more advanced option then go to a cog-wheel icon. In this settings you can choose the following options:
Areas to scan: Only system drive, all hard disks, or auto-start program
Heuristics sensitivity: High, normal, low, off
Threat report: Ask, move to chest, delete, repair, no action
Others: Unpack archive files, Scan PUPs
The boot-time scan will be performed before Windows are loaded. The Windows will boot automatically if there is no virus. If it found a virus, then it will provide the following options which you can perform by pressing the key:
• Fix automatically
• 2- Fix all automatically
• 3- Move to Chest
• 4- Move all to Chest
• 5- Delete
• 6- Delete all
• 7- Repair
• 8- Repair all
• 9- Ignore
• 10- Ignore all

The action will be confirmed by pressing the following key:
• Yes
• 2- Yes all
• 3- No

If you do not want to scan continue the boot then press ‘Esc’ button. After a boot-time scan, you can see the report, go to Scan>>Scan for Viruses>>Scan History

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