HP Printer: Print Spooler Service Not Running

What is a print spooler service?

A print spooler service is a software program which is responsible for managing all print jobs which are sent to the computer printer or print server. The print spooler service also allows the user to delete a print job being processed.


How to fix Print Spooler Service Not Runnin


Symptoms of getting print spooler errors:

• Print spooler is not working
• Print spooler won’t start
• Printer spooler service can’t start
• Start the print spooler service first, and then try to print again
• Print spooler service not running
• Local print spooler service is not running
• Windows can’t open and add printer
• The printer spooler is not running

What can cause error in print spooler service?

There can be lots of causes which can cause print spooler errors. Most of the viruses and Trojan target the print spooler service to corrupt it. Malware corrupts the registry of print spooler service because it is the only service which will affect most of the users who use the printer.

Here are some solutions for Print spooler service error:

Solution 1: Change the print spooler properties

1. Open printer spooler properties. Press the Windows key with R to open run dialogue. Type services.msc and press enter key. Double click the print spooler.

2. Stop and again start the spooler. When you open the print spooler, you will see the stop and start buttons. Some other the errors can be fixed by restarting the print spooler.

3. Set it to start up automatically. Select automatic to ensure that the spooler starts up each time with your computer, so your printer doesn’t miss any incoming print jobs.

4. Change the recovery options in the recovery tab. This will control how the spooler responds to its mistakes.

Solution 2: Restore default printer state

1. Try clearing the print queue.
• Open the service window
• Click to stop icon in print spooler
• Go to C:Windowssystem32spoolPRINTERS.
• Delete all the contents. Do not delete the PRINTERS folder.
• Return to the Services windows and try Print Spooler
• Click Start

2. Sometimes this issue can occur due to the corruption of printer drivers. Try to update your drivers.

3. Delete the printer. The printer software may be corrupted. Try removing your printer and start again with a fresh installation:
• Unplug the printer
• Search Devices and Printers in the search bar
• Right-click on the icon which is failing to print. Click on delete in the drop-down menu.

4. Delete your printer driver. The printer should be uninstalled separately.
• Left-click on the printer icon, click on print server properties
• Go to the Drivers tab
• Open the driver for the deleted printer and click remove

5. Reinstall the printer. Plug in your printer again and follow the onscreen instructions for reinstalling the printer. If you have deleted the driver package, then you also have to download a replacement.

6. If the printer or driver keep reappearing and failing to install then try these following steps:
• Go to Start>Administrative Tools>Print Management, log in with the admin password.
• Click on the arrow next to Print Servers to expand the list.
• Click the arrow next to your computer

7. Open Printers. Find out the printer you are having trouble and select delete.
• Click on drivers. Right click on every driver and delete to uninstall it.
• Connect the printer and reinstall it.

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