How to Resolve Epson Printer in Error State Windows 10 issue?

Epson Inc. is a Japanese company that manufactures various computer hardware and other electronic devices. Epson provides a wide range of printers from simple mono printers to complex multi-functional printers. Epson printers have a good interface which makes them suitable to all the home users as well as for the big enterprises. Epson printers are known for good speed and print-quality but many people face few issues while using the Epson printer. One common error faced by many Epson users is that the Epson printer is in an error state. If you are using an old model of Epson printer then you will face this error from time to time.

Why is my Epson printer in error mode?

You can get error mode issues due to various reasons. The common reason behind this issue is the outdated device driver, no paper, paper jam, empty cartridge, and connection issues. Once you find the exact cause of your error then you can resolve the Epson Printer in error state issue manually. You can also ask the technical team of Epson printer for troubleshooting your error.

How do I get my Epson Printer out of error mode?

There are various techniques for troubleshooting Printer in error state Epson. We have mentioned some top methods for fixing this kind of error. You can try all the methods one by one for troubleshooting your issue.

Check your wire connection

Weak cable connections can lead to printer error issues. If your cables are not plugged in properly then your printer will show you various issues. Inspect your USB cable to ensure that you are using a working USB cord. Pull out the cord from your Epson printer and connect your phone device to the PC. Now check whether your phone is connecting to the PC or not. If not then you are using a faulty USB cable. Use a working USB cable for connecting the PC and Epson printer. For good speed, you should always use a high-speed USB cable while printing.

Activate the Use any interrupt assigned to the Port option

If you are unable to detect the issue on your printer then you can use this tool for taking printout. Follow the given steps for troubleshooting your error:

  1. Close your running programs
  2. Hit the Windows button
  3. Type device manager on the search bar
  4. Click on device manager from the result
  5. Device Manager window will appear
  6. Navigate to Ports section and double click the option
  7. Double click on Parallel Ports
  8. The properties window will appear on the screen
  9. From the properties, click on Port button
  10. Hit the OK button

Now restart your PC and give a print command to your Epson printer. If your Epson device is still giving your Printer in error state then seek other solutions.

Check your printer device driver

Your printer driver is the bridge between your printer and the PC. This driver conveys the commands to the printer. If your printer driver gets corrupted then your printer won’t be able to understand the command of your PC and you will get the Epson Printer in an error state issue. You have to restore all the corruptions on your device driver. But editing the driver files manually is not easy. If you are not from a technical background then you should not edit the files as a simple mistake can get you into other issues. You can install the driver update tool for restoring the corrupted files. You can find the driver update tool easily on the internet. Download and run this tool and it will restore all the corrupted files automatically. If your printer driver gets outdated then you can either use the driver update tool or install the latest update from Epson website. After updating or restoring the Printer device driver, restart your device instantly. Now give a print command to your Epson printer to ensure that your error gets resolved.

Check the network connection

If your wireless printer is showing your error code then check the network instantly. Check the WPS on your router to ensure that the pin is configured correctly. Now connect your PC directly to the internet via LAN cable. If now your printer is showing then you are using a faulty router device. If you are still getting the error message then your internet is running low. Wait until your internet connection gets smooth.

You should also check for the paper jam. Sometimes, chunks of paper or some junk get stuck between the rollers which get your printer into an error state. Open the printer and remove the ink cartridge. Now clean your printer and then reinstall your ink cartridge on the Epson printer. Now take a test printout for ensuring that your Epson printer is running without any error.

How do I get my Epson printer out of error mode immediately?

Your Epson device can show the error state when it is not getting the proper print commands. When you give the print command, check for its validity. Many times the user is giving the print command to the printer on an invalid page which can result in the Epson printer in an error state. Open the document and check for the error and ensure that you are trying to print a valid document. If the file is reliable but the Epson printer is in an error state then you should check other possible reasons.

Why is my Epson printer in error mode on Windows PC?

The printhead or the printer fuser can also get you into error. The fuser of the Epson printer gets damaged due to overheating. When the user does not take the break and takes lots of printouts simultaneously; the fuser and print-head get overheated. Open the Epson printer and go to the fuser. For the damaged fuser; get a new one for your printer. Now go for the print-head and check whether it is moving correctly or not. If it is not working, purchase a printhead for your device. But when the error is occurring due to your overheated print-head or fuser then stop printing for a while. Open the device and inspect the Epson printer in error state Windows 10. If the printhead is clogged; take a clean cloth and alcohol-based cleanser. Clean the printhead of your Epson carefully. After completing the cleaning process, you have to wait until it dries up. Now again run the printer properly. If the printer in error state Epson is having the same issue then ask the technical team for help.

Why does my printer keep saying error state after giving the print command?

Paper jamming is another potent reason for getting an Epson printer in error state. The Epson printer can show you numerous error codes when the printer gets into paper jams. If you are using DMP or an old printer model then getting the paper jamming is normal. While taking the printout, the paper chunks remain inside the printer and the device stops working. You have to remove the paperjam to resolve the error state. Open the printer and clean it. After removing the paper, reinstall the cartridge and now close the printer. Run the print command and inspect the printer in error state.

Run the troubleshooter when the Epson printer in an error state

You can directly run the printer troubleshooter tool for fixing the printer error on Windows devices. The tool will inspect the PC for error and resolve the conflicting issues.

Open the Windows device and search for Devices and Printers. Now right-click on the Epson printer and select the Troubleshoot option. Run the troubleshooter tool on the system and wait for the results. Now check the printer troubleshooter results and inspect the issue. For a quick fix, you can contact the Epson printer technical team.

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