Accounting Software


Accounting software is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions with other function categories, such as accounts receivable, journal, payroll and trial balance etc. This software is build for all the small time and big businessmen to manage their accounts and their income taxes etc. It is mostly online based software, which can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime from a device that is enabled with internet.

These softwares have been going around since mid-1990s with many of the businessmen having benefited from its services. Some of the accounting softwares present in the market are: QuickBooks, Gnu cash, TurboCASH and odoo etc. In 1978, Peachtree Software introduced an accounting software package for the early personal computer, which makes it one of the first ever accounting software packages.

There are different types of accounting software available, such as:

  1. Personal accounting

This type is mainly for the home users, managing simple budgets and transactions.

  1. Low-end market

Many of the low end products are characterized by being single-entry products, as opposed to double-entry systems seen in many businesses.


  1. Mid-market

It covers the software that can serve the need of multiple accountancy standards and allow multiple currency accounting.

  1. High-end market

These systems are designed to support individual company processes. They are customizable and can be adjusted according to the business requirement.

However, some users have had issues with the accounting softwares, some of those issues are:

  • Losing the connection to the data files
  • Incapable of reinstalling the software
  • Slow speed in multi user mode
  • Can’t copy or move the software data file
  • Losing the admin password.
  • Failing in rebuilding and updating of the data files.

These issues can easily be fixed if you contact the customer care numbers given on, where you will get all the genuine and real customer care numbers for all the companies. These numbers are updated from time to time, so that the users do not face the problem when connecting with the customer care.



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