A router is a device that establishes network between the computer networks through data packets. It is connected to more than two data lines from different networks, when a data packet is transferred to data line, it is then transferred to the destination by reading the network address information in the packet. Then using the routing table it determines the journey of the router to the next network.

In simple words, the router establishes an internet connection between the different computers through the data packets. It is not possible to establish the internet connection without a router. There are different companies that provide the router devices such as Linksys, Netgear, Asus, TP-Link, Google and TRENDnet etc.

There are however some issues that the users face with the performance of the different router devices, like:

  • Unable to setup the router devices with the computer systems
  • Difficulty in setting up the password for their router devices
  • Enabling of file sharing from your router
  • Performing firmware updates
  • Enabling temporary wireless access

All the above mentioned issues can be solved by contacting the customer care service providers, just by dialing on the toll free numbers given for the concerned company; you can get all your problems and issues sorted out.

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