Operating System


An operating system as the name suggests is an interface between a user and hardware, the user works on an application which through the operating system connects the user to the hardware and performs the functions in a system. Operating system is the most important software using which the user can work on a system, without an operating system a computer cannot be operated.

There are a lot of companies which provide different operating systems to perform different types of tasks. Some of the operating systems are Windows 10, Windows xp, Linux, IOS and Mac os etc. However, users do face some problems with the operating systems and these problems can’t be ignored because then the system would not work without the operating system.

Some of the common issues or errors with the operating systems are:

  • The computer displays an “invalid boot disk error”
  • A service failed to start when the system is rebooted
  • Operating system is lost and the system is asking to install a new one
  • The computer restarts continually without displaying the desktop
  • The system is running slowly and is not responding

The issues mentioned above can be solved by contacting the customer support on their toll free number and following the instructions of the customer service providers.

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