Computer Software


Software is the digital counterpart of hardware, and is the computer logic that the users interact with. Software makes it easy for the user to perform the tasks on as computer without having much coding knowledge. Computer hardware and software are dependent on each other, and both won’t work without each other. There are wide ranges of softwares available for performing tasks on a computer like antivirus, operating system, video games, video and audio players etc.

To perform all the tasks whether basic or complex on a computer, software is required. Web browser, email application and social media interaction all needs software, software is basically a platform in which we perform all our computer functions. Microsoft Office, Windows, Adobe Photoshop, IOS, Avast antivirus and Google Chrome are some of the examples of a software. Software needs proper and timely updating or upgrading to function properly and to keep up with the increased and updated hardware or other software.

Sometimes there are several problems which encounter while working on software like freezing, crashing or the software not performing its basic functions. If you encounter any of these problems then you need to contact the customer care numbers of the particular software that you are having trouble with.


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