As computer and internet has overtaken nearly all the office work, the need of writing on paper has decreased. However, you just can’t stop using paper and that is where printers come into being, with the advancement of the ways in which we work, printer serves a very important role in our offices and homes.

Printer is a device which makes a representation of texts or graphics in a paper, it is the most commonly used device in our almost daily lives. From the big sized hoardings on the side of streets or buildings to our daily office and school projects, different types of printers provide these printing results.

For the working of a printer you need to connect it with a computer, check if it has cartridges with ink and then start giving instruction from the computer. The type of instructions you give will output the desired result on the paper. You can print anything, from texts to images in any sixe of paper you want. There are a lot of companies which produces a wide variety or range of printers, such as: HP, Epson, Brothers printer and canon etc.

Printers are a very useful product, but there can be some difficulty in operating them by users, below mentioned are some issues or problems that the users face with printers:

  • Paper jamming issues
  • Using and attaching the ink cartridges
  • Issues with the Printer driver
  • Wireless printing issues
  • Error messages when printing
  • Can’t fix the toner to the page

If you are facing any of the above mentioned issues, then you need to connect with the customer care numbers and discuss your issues with them in detail and hope for a better solution for your problem. You can get all the customer care numbers on


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