How to Resolve Supply Memory Error in HP Printer?

HP is a popular name for printer devices as HP offers from pocket printers to the huge printing machines for businesses. The wide range of printers makes HP the best fit for every job. Another reason for opting the HP printer is the cost. HP printers are very cost-friendly. The printing quality and speed of HP printers are also very appreciable. But some people reported that they are getting a few issues while working on the HP printer. One common error faced by many HP printer users is the 10.1000 supply memory error. This error appears due to any issue on the ink cartridge Fixing the ink cartridge will resolve your error.

Check the aloose packaging or protective strips

If you are getting this error after installing a new ink cartridge on your printer then you should immediately check for the protective strips. When you buy a new ink cartridge, you will see plastic clips and orange protective strips for protecting the ink cartridge from any kind of damage while transporting the cartridge. While installing the cartridge on your HP printer, you must remove all the clips and strips which are taped around the drum. If you are getting the supply memory error HP printer then you should immediately open the printer and take out the cartridge. Now check whether you have removed all the clips and strips or not. People remove the clips from the cartridge easily as they are easy to spot but often forget to remove the orange strips. Remove the strip from your ink cartridge and then install it on your device. Now restart your printer and check whether your error is fixed or not.

Check for broken plastic pieces

You may also face this error when the toner cartridge gets damaged from the sides. Sometimes the plastic slot gets broken while installing the ink cartridge. Once the plastic slot gets broken then the cartridge won’t fit inside the printer correctly. If your ink cartridge is not fitted correctly then you will get supply memory warning while giving a print command. The best method for troubleshooting this error is to buy a new cartridge for your HP printer.

Check the metal contacts

There are 2 small metal contacts on your printer which are used for detecting the toner cartridge. These 2 metal contacts are necessary for completing the circuit. If the metal contacts are unable to contact the ink cartridge then your printer will not be able to identify the cartridge. When you get this error, remove the cartridge from the printer and check for the two metal squares. Turn off your printer and check where these metal squares can fit inside the printer. Sometimes, metal connectors get squashed; you should pull the metal connectors gently to forwards. Sometimes paper jam can also interrupt the connection between the printer and cartridge. Cleanout the printer and install the cartridge carefully.

Outdated firmware

Your device has a software known as a driver tool which connects the printer to the computer. Without the printer driver, your printer will not understand the commands you gave from your PC. HP printer manufacturers provide regular updates so your device can work reliably. But if your printer driver is not up to date then along with supply memory error, you may get into various other issues. When you get this error message on your screen, you should immediately check your printer driver. If the driver is outdated then install the latest update immediately. Search for your printer model on the internet and you can easily find the latest update there. Install the update on your device and then restart your device. Now give a print command from your device and check whether your error is fixed or not. You can also use the driver update tool for updating the device drivers. This tool will automatically update and restores all the device drivers available on your device.

Make sure your device is running on the latest OS update. For Windows 10, press the Windows button and go to Settings. Now click on Security and Update option. Hit the Update Now button for installing the latest Windows update on your PC. If you are unable to troubleshoot your error manually then you should ask the HP technical team for troubleshooting your error.

Check the pending jobs on your HP printer

The HP printer may show the supply memory error when the printer memory is overflowed with the pending print jobs. The HP printer has a personal memory to store the printing jobs you send from your PC. It stores all the jobs and prints them accordingly. But when the printer memory gets full but the user still sends the print command; the printer starts showing a supply memory warning. You should check the printer memory on your HP printer. If the memory gets filled up then you have to delete the pending jobs for troubleshooting your error.

Here are the steps to delete pending print jobs from the Windows PC:

  1. Hover the cursor to the notification area and click on the Print icon
  2. Go to the Open Queue option
  3. Now select the pending jobs on your HP printer
  4. Hit the Cancel button

All the jobs on the printer will get deleted. After removing all the pending jobs from your printer; check whether the printer memory-related error gets resolved or not.

Check for the stuck print queue on HP printer

The supply memory error HP printer can occur when a job is stuck in the print queue. You can’t take the printouts until you remove the stuck from the print queue. Remove the particular job and then remove the printer spool files.

Follow the steps to delete the stuck print queue

  1. Turn off your HP printer
  2. Go to your Windows device
  3. Type Services on the Search bar
  4. Go to the services tab
  5. Right-click on the Print Spool option
  6. Hit the Stop button
  7. Close the tab
  8. Type Printers spool folder on the search bar
  9. Now remove all the files available on the Printer folder

Turn off your PC and wait for a minute. Turn on your PC and printer and now check for the error. If the HP printer is still showing you the 10.1000 supply memory error then try running the HP print and scan doctor tool. This is a free tool provided by HP for troubleshooting all the HP printer related errors. Search for the scan doctor tool on HP website. Download its setup on your device and then run the tool on your device. The Scan doctor tool will check for the HP printer memory error and troubleshoot it immediately.

Try running the Windows Printer troubleshooter

If the scan doctor tool of HP printer is not working on your device then you can try the Windows printer troubleshooter. If the memory error on your HP printer is appearing due to the system error then running the Windows troubleshooter may fix the error. Go to the Devices and Printers folder. On the Printers, right-click on your HP printer and choose Troubleshoot option. Run the tool on your device and wait for the process to complete. Now run the printer and check for the error. If the HP printer is still getting into the memory issue then ask the HP technical team for help.

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