How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Not Responding Issue?

HP is a well-known IT industry famous for manufacturing computer hardware goods. HP manufactures laptops. Desktop PCs, and various peripheral devices like mouse, speakers, and printers. The wide range of HP devices makes it a good fit for home users as well as for big enterprises. HP printer provides a robust service to its users. HP manufactures both wired and wireless printers. You can easily pick a good HP printer within your budget as HP devices are very budget-friendly.

HP printers are known for providing good services but still, people face various issues like the printer is not responding Mac etc. from time to time. These types of errors can occur due to hardware as well as software issues. Once you find the exact reason behind the cause then you can easily troubleshoot the printer not responding Mac issues.

Why is my printer not responding to my Mac?

There can be various reasons why your HP printer is not responding to Mac. If you are using a wireless printer then you can get this error due to weak connectivity. For wired printers, you can get Mac printer not responding issue due to a faulty cable or outdated device driver.

Steps to troubleshooting HP Printer not responding to Mac issues:

Ensure that your printer is ready

You can only connect the printer to your device when your printer is ready to connect. If your printer is offline mode then you can’t connect it with any device. Check your printer and if your printer is in sleep mode then press the power button to turn on your printer. Ensure that there are papers in the input tray and your printer is carrying a toner cartridge. Restart your printer and then again try to connect your printer with Mac. If you are still facing the same connectivity issue then you can seek other solutions.

Reset your Printer

You can also get the not responding issue to any runtime issue. Resetting the printing device will immediately fix the runtime issue and then you can easily connect your printer with your Mac. Follow the given steps for resetting HP printer and print jobs:

  1. Go to the Apple menu
  2. Tap the System Preferences button
  3. Hit the Print & Scan option

Now right-click anywhere into your Printers window and hit the Reset Printing System. Now tap the Reset Button in the confirmation wizard. Admin prompt may appear on the screen. Enter your Admin id and password. Click on OK on the wizard and hit the reset button. Once you reset your printer then again add your printer to the Mac and now check whether your HP printer is responding or not.

Why is my wireless printer not responding to my computer?

The common reason behind Wireless Printer not responding is the connectivity issue. Whenever you get any error with your printer error then you should immediately check the router. Check the WPS button whether it is working or not. Any issue in WPS connection with the printer can result in not responding to errors. While taking print via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi always place your HP printer near to the device for better connectivity. This will not only create a good connection but also increases the printing speed. While taking the network print, ensure that your printer is nearby to the router and your router is in working condition. Whenever you get the not responding error then reset your printer setting and then add your wireless printer again. If your printer is not showing then connect your printer to the device via a USB cable. Complete all the configuration and then set it as wireless. Now pull out the cable and give print command. Check whether your printer is responding or not. If your printer is still not responding then you should ask the HP technical team for help.

Another potent reason why the printer is not responding can be the outdated printer driver. HP provides regular printer updates, you must update the printer driver from time to time. Go to the HP website and install the latest update of your printer driver. After updating, restart your computer and then check whether your HP printer is responding or not.

Why is my printer not responding to my Mac?

The HP printer can show errors while connecting to Mac due to numbers of reasons. When the Mac printer not responding, you should try to find out the possible reasons behind the error. For the HP printer, you use the HP smart Diagnose and Fix tool for Mac devices. This tool of HP printer will check for the errors behind the issue and then fix them automatically. Run the HP Smart Diagnose & Fix tool on your Mac to resolve the printer is not responding mac issue:

  1. Open the HP Smart app on your Mac system
  2. If you don’t have the app on the system then download and install it on your Mac
  3. Open the app and go to the Printers
  4. Choose Diagnose & Fix option
  5. A new diagnose and Fix window will appear
  6. Go to the Start menu

The HP smart diagnose tool will check the system for the error. Do not click or refresh the page until the diagnose process completes. Now you will get a diagnosis screen to check the results. After reviewing the result, tap on the Done button and now check for HP printer not responding to Mac issue.

Why is my printer not responding to my computer?

When the HP printer is not responding to the computer then check for the communication error. The PC requires a printer driver to communicate. This driver is the connection bridge that transfers the command from the system to the HP printer. If the driver is not available on the system then you will get the HP printer not responding to the print command error. If the driver is not available then download it immediately. You can find the driver on the CD you get with the HP printer. In case the device doesn’t have a disc drive then find the driver on the HP website. Make sure you are searching for the driver of your HP printer model only. After installing the HP printer driver, check if the HP printer not responding issue gets resolved or not.

Why is my wireless printer not responding to my computer?

When the wireless printer not responding; check the access point. This connection error occurs when the printer is not communicating with the network. Check the WPS button on the router and then restart it. Also, restart the Wi-Fi button on the HP device. The HP printer will start searching for the new network. Once the HP printer gets the network, it will stop blinking. Give it a print command and check for the error.

Why the printer is not responding to my commands?

When the printer is showing your error; check for the pending or stuck jobs on the HP printer. Delete the pending jobs on the device and then give a fresh command. The print job may get stuck in the queue and start showing errors. Remove your current print job and remove the files from the print spool. Restart the HP printer and give a new command to check for the error. You can directly contact the HP technical team for troubleshooting your queries.

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