How to Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 0xc00000e9 in HP Laptop?

HP is a famous name for PC and laptop devices as you can get a wide range of devices at very good prices. HP devices provide robust service to the user but still, people face many errors from time to time. 0xc00000e9 Windows 7 is a common error which is faced by many HP laptop users. This error is related to the BIOS settings of the HP laptop. This error appears when your device fails to connect to the hard drive. Failing or corrupting the hard drive is one of the common reasons for getting 0xc00000e9 error. Many people also get this error while installing new Windows on the laptop. You can fix this error by using some simple tricks. You can also ask the HP technical team for help.

Remove all the external devices

One of the most common errors for getting error 0xc00000e9 is the faulty connection. If your laptop gets any faulty connection due to any external device then you may get into this error. You can only troubleshoot this error after finding the device which is causing the issue. The best way for finding the faulty device is to remove all the external devices from your laptop and check which device is causing the error. Turn off your laptop and remove the mouse, flash drives, keyboard, external hard disk etc, Now open your device and check whether your error code 0xc00000e9 gets resolved or not. Now connect the external devices one by one. While connecting the device, if the error appears that means the device is faulty. Do not use that device on your laptop for preventing the error.

Modify the BIOS

Sometimes resetting or modifying the BIOS on the laptop can also resolve the error status 0xc00000e. Follow the steps given below for changing the BIOS setting on your device:

  1. Close all the running program from your device
  2. Restart your laptop
  3. Press F2 and DEL key from the keyboard for opening BIOS settings window
  4. Click on Load Optimal Defaults
  5. Go to the Advanced option
  6. Click hard disk settings configuration
  7. Now configure the setting to either IDE or AHCI

Now save all the changes you have made on your device and then reboot your laptop immediately. Open your HP laptop and then check whether error 0xc00000e9 gets resolved or not. If you are still facing the same error then you should ask the HP technical team for help.

Make a disk check run

Disk check run is also one of the optimal methods for troubleshooting this error. You can follow the mentioned steps for running a disk check:

  1. Insert the OS’s installation disk on your device
  2. Boot the device from the disk and then restart your laptop
  3. Choose a preferred language from the drop-down menu
  4. Tap the repair the computer button
  5. Now choose the OS (your OS) that you have to repair from the list
  6. Hit the Open Command prompt option from the System Recovery Options menu on the screen
  7. A prompt will appear on the screen
  8. Type chkdsk/f on the command prompt

Hit the Enter button and the tool will start scanning your HP laptop for corruptions. Wait until the scanning process completes and then restart your device. Check whether the error 0xc00000e9 error gets resolved or not.

Update your device drivers

Outdated device drivers or corrupted device drivers can also cause Windows related issues. Whenever you get this error, you should immediately check the device drivers. If your device drivers are outdated or corrupted then you must restore them immediately. But restoring the device drivers manually is not a simple job. A simple error on the editing can get you into bigger issues. If you are not from a technical background then you should ask the technical team for help. Another good method for restoring or updating your device drivers is using the driver update tool. You can easily find a device driver update tool on the internet. Download and install a device driver tool which is compatible with your device. Open the device driver tool and run it on your device. This tool will automatically update all the outdated or corrupted device drivers from the laptop. After updating all the device drivers, restart your device and check whether your Windows error code 0xc00000e9 gets fixed or not.

Reboot your computer

A user gets the error 0xc00000e9 due to any runtime error on the HP laptop. The errors due to runtime issues can be resolved by rebooting the device. You can power reset the device. Press the power button of your HP laptop for about 5 seconds. Now wait for a while and again press the power button. Your HP printer will turn on and check whether the Windows error code 0xc00000e9 gets fixed or not.

Try Windows Startup Repair

You can use the Windows startup repair tool when your HP laptop is not working. Get a Windows disc or a USB drive that has the Windows automatic repair tool. Insert the disc on your laptop and run the tool. This tool repair will repair the corrupted program files, your missing content, registry files error etc. After repairing the files on the device, inspect if you are still getting the 0xc00000e9 error.

Use a bootable antivirus tool on your laptop

If the issue on running the system is appearing due to the virus or other malware then you need to scan the computer with a bootable antivirus tool. Download the antivirus set up on another Windows device and then copy the setup to a bootable drive. Now run the antivirus on your device and wait for the process to complete. After a complete scan, try to open your laptop in a normal mode and check whether the error gets fixed or not.

Try disabling the Windows secure boot

The secure boot service of Windows sometimes restricts the external hardware to run on your system. When the HP device is showing error code 0xc00000e9, try  to disable the secure boot temporarily:

  1. On the system, go to the PC BIOS menu
  2. For PC BIOS, press the shift key and click on Restart
  3. Tap Troubleshoot tab and navigate to Advanced options
  4. Choose UEFI Firmware settings
  5. Search for Secure button
  6. Toggle the button to disable
  7. Save the changes and exit the window

Restart the laptop and try to run your Windows on normal mode.

Restore your invaild system settings

If the 0xc00000e9 windows 7 issue is appearing on the laptop after you made a few changes to the settings then you have to restore them. You have made some invalid changes mistakenly and you have to revert them. On the Windows 7 device, you can undo the changes with the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel
  2. Choose System and Security
  3. Click on System tab
  4. Go to system protection (left pane)
  5. System Properties folder will be displayed
  6. Choose System Restore option
  7. Hit the Next button

Now you have to choose the Restoring point and then tap the confirm button. If you are getting the error code due to invaild changes then this tool will fix it. The setting restoring tool will start running. Wait until the Next window appears and then the system will get restarted. Sign in your HP laptop normally and check for status 0xc00000e9. If the laptop is still dealing with the error then you should ask the Windows technical team for help.

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