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McAfee antivirus software is which provides safety to your device from many kinds of malicious infections. McAfee Inc. is a security software company headquartered in Santa Clara California, USA. McAfee a joint venture type company and also the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. McAfee is part of Inter Security Division since February 2011. McAfee is one of the top antivirus program software in the market will detect and kills almost all harmful threats from your device.

Antivirus is an important program software for your computer. If you want that your device works properly without any glitches, you should also think about the antivirus program of your computer. Always remember to update your antivirus to its latest update. New types of infectious viruses are arriving every day. If you are still using the outdated version of your antivirus, it means your device is not protected from new attacks. The designer of the McAfee antivirus provides the new updates of the McAfee antivirus for serving against the new dangerous malware attacks. So if you want to protect your device all types of malware, updating your McAfee software is necessary.

The Internet is the major door for all types of malicious programs and URLs. But today the internet is also everyone’s basic necessity. Most of our work can’t complete without internet access. McAfee antivirus provides you safety from many types of malicious programs like viruses, spyware, adware, hackers, Trojans etc. McAfee antivirus provides many noted features and is available in many types of suite.


McAfee Activate Product Key

McAfee antivirus offers you many prominent features to your device. If you want to get all the features of McAfee antivirus, then you should always use a McAfee Activate Product Key. It provides you a legitimate McAfee Antivirus. McAfee Com Activate Product Key also helps to stops the piracy of McAfee antivirus.


What is McAfee Product Key?

McAfee Product Key is a unique key of 25 characters. It is an alpha-numeric code which is imprinted on the retail box McAfee antivirus. The blueprint of McAfee Activate Enter Code is *****-*****-*****-*****-*****


Key steps before you install McAfee Antivirus with McAfee Product Key:

If you are installing McAfee antivirus in your device, check for all other security software programs. If have any other security software installed in your device, uninstall all other security products. Removing other security is necessary to prevent low performance and application conflict.

Also, check for other McAfee Antivirus suite on your device which is similar to McAfee Product on your CD, if you have any similar product then you can leave it as it is. If both of the McAfee versions are same, the installer will identify it and skip the installation process. It allows you to extend the subscription date of your software. But the prior suite is not identical with the new one then removes the prior version and installs the new suite from the CD.


How to install McAfee with a Product Key?

You have two ways to install McAfee Antivirus in your device:

CD Installation: If the internet speed of your device is not smooth and you have a CD drive in your computer then installing the McAfee Antivirus with CD is a good option for you.

Steps to install McAfee com Activate with CD:

  1. Insert the CD in your CD drive
  2. The installer of McAfee antivirus will run automatically. If the McAfee installer does not run automatically, then run the Setup.exe from the CD
  3. Read the instructions and agree to the EULA
  4. The McAfee antivirus will start installing in your device
  5. Enter your McAfee Product Key from the CD
  6. Enter the details of your McAfee account
  7. Tap on finish button

Web Installation: You should install with the help of the web when you do not have a CD drive in your drive and a good internet speed.

  1. Steps to install with the web:
  2. Open the retail box of McAfee antivirus and read the guidelines including the McAfee Activate Enter Code
  3. Open your web browser and browse for the link provided on the card
  4. Select the country and insert the McAfee Product Key
  5. If you are a new member then make an account
  6. If you have an account, log in with your credentials


Important Note: Use the McAfee Product Key very carefully, because you can only use the key once. After inserting the key, you get a message that the key is already used then try typing the key again. If you are unable to install the McAfee antivirus then contact support for help.


Issues while Activating McAfee Product Key

Sometimes you may get issues while installing McAfee Com Activate Total Protection. A user may fall into issues due to misreading instructions, inserting wrong key, weak internet connection and many more. If you get issues while installing the antivirus, you can call us and get the solution to every problem. Just take your phone and dial our toll-free number and get the step by step guidelines for installing McAfee antivirus in the device. Our expert technicians will provide you with reliable solutions for resolving your issues.

Common issues while using McAfee Antivirus:

  • How to install McAfee antivirus
  • McAfee Product Key is not working
  • McAfee antivirus quick scan is not working
  • McAfee antivirus upgrading plans
  • McAfee antivirus updating issues

We are providing you with 24*7 services. You can call any time you get into any kind of issues. If you get into the problem, now you don’t have to take your device to any service center. You can easily dial our number and get the job done. We are offering around the clock services for seven days a week which means we are always available for your help.

How to get McAfee Activation Code on another device?

You can easily install McAfee antivirus on another device like your secondary computer or your kid’s laptop. You just have to send the link from your main computer to the new computer. Now you have to click on the link on your new computer to install McAfee with Activation Code. You have to visit the McAfee page and then click on the My Account button. When you click on the sign-in button; you have to enter your email address and password. Now click on the log-in button and go to My Account. Click on subscriptions and select the add device button. Now click on the device type (Windows or Mac). Then hit on the send link button. You have to provide the email address for sending the link. Click on the send email button. Your download link is sent to the email address of the new computer. Now open your secondary device and check the email. Click on the email you have received from McAfee. You will see a download link. Click on the link to install McAfee with Product Key.

How to activate McAfee Total Protection on a Windows device?

McAfee total protection is a package of tools that can provide reliable and robust protection to your computer. If you want to install McAfee total protection on your device then you should have a McAfee account. Visit the McAfee website and take your mouse to my account. Click on the sign-in button. If you have a McAfee account then you can log in with your credentials otherwise click on Register Now and create an account. Then you have to choose the device type (Windows or Mac). Click on Windows and then choose McAfee Total Protection Activation. Now hit the download button and wait for completing the download process. You will receive a license agreement page on your screen. Click on the allow button and enter McAfee Total Protection Product Key. Now follow the on-screen instructions for completing the installation process. Once you successfully install McAfee in your device then restart your computer and then open the McAfee dashboard for scanning your device.

Why choose McAfee Total Protection Activation?

McAfee antivirus offers you various antivirus plans according to the device and budget. McAfee total protection is a suite that offers almost every feature that is required to keep your device secure from harmful threats and cybercriminals. The powerful scan of McAfee offers quick, custom, and full scan to eliminate all threats from the PC. The real-time scanning feature scans your files and programs every time you access them. You can even schedule your scan for ensuring that your device is always protected from malware. The personal firewall of McAfee antivirus actively monitors the network traffic to make sure that your device is fully protected from hackers and other cybercriminals. For mobile devices, McAfee offers an anti-theft feature that helps in finding the device remotely. McAfee antivirus is like a home to security features that take care of your computer.


How to download and install MacAfee LiveSafe activate?


McAfee antivirus is a reliable security program that is designed and distributed by McAfee Inc. Most of the people prefer McAfee antivirus over other security software programs as it provides all the advanced tools that are necessary for fighting with today’s computer viruses and other threats. Whenever any kind of malware tries to harm you, your McAfee antivirus detects and kills it before it can perform any malicious activity on your PC. McAfee offers various security plans for Windows and Mac devices. You can choose your antivirus plan according to your needs and device compatibility. McAfee plans are also available for Android and iOS gadgets.

Things to check before McAfee key activation

McAfee antivirus has some system specifications. Your computer/phone must fulfill all the specification otherwise McAfee will not install or work properly. Open your gadget and check its specifications like RAM, free hard disk space, processor, etc.

Update your OS before your redeem McAfee product key. You should also update all the programs installed on your computer because the outdated program may conflict with McAfee installation.


You should also clear the junk files like history files, caches, cookies, and temporary files from the PC.

Remove other security programs from the device. If you have another McAfee program installed in the PC; uninstall it.

After removing all the junk and determining the device specifications; you can visit the McAfee product activation website for getting a suitable McAfee plan for your computer.

What is McAfee antivirus activation key?

While you purchase McAfee antivirus; you get a McAfee activation key along with the McAfee setup. While installation, you will require this key for ensuring that you are using a genuine McAfee plan on your device. But not all McAfee plan provides the McAfee activation code. If you are not getting the key; your plan is already activated. But if you are getting the McAfee antivirus plus redeem product key then use this key while installing McAfee. You should save or jot down your key as you will require this key if you are using a multi-license plan or transferring your McAfee from one device to another. If you have retail McAfee plan then open the McAfee box and check for the key card (silver card). You will see a series or 25 alphanumeric characters written on the card. You have to enter those characters during McAfee installation. In case you are buying the McAfee from the McAfee activation website then you will receive your product key for McAfee antivirus on the registered email address.

How to install McAfee antivirus using Product Key?

McAfee CD Installation

If your internet is not secure and smooth then you should go for CD installation. But make sure you have a CD drive on your computer. Now follow the given steps for McAfee login activate:

  1. Insert the McAfee CD on the drive
  2. McAfee installer will appear on the screen automatically. If not, go to My PC and run the installer
  3. You will get EULA page on the screen
  4. Read the user license and then click on agree and install button
  5. Follow the on-screen commands
  6. Now an activation window will appear
  7. Enter McAfee Product Key on the activation window

Now, wait for completing the McAfee activation process. Once complete, you will get a successfully activated message on the screen. You will also see a McAfee icon on the Taskbar. Click on the icon and scan your whole PC to remove malware and boost the security.

McAfee web installation

If you are purchasing McAfee from an online store then visit the McAfee Total Protection Activation website. McAfee’s homepage will appear on the screen where you have to choose the McAfee plan for your PC. If you need McAfee for Personal device then click on Home. If you are purchasing McAfee for your company then select Enterprise.

  1. You will get a list of McAfee plans
  2. Click on the plan you want to purchase
  3. You will be redirected to a billing page
  4. Now enter all the details on the fill-up form (name, region, country, etc)
  5. Enter your email address (you will receive the receipt and McAfee setup on this email address)
  6. Now enter your billing details and click on Place my order button

Wait until the billing process gets complete. Now open your email id and check the email you have received from McAfee. Click on the provided URL and McAfee will start installing on your computer. Firstly, it will check the device specifications and if you have any old McAfee plan then it will get uninstalled. Your new McAfee plan will start getting installed on the PC. Now you will get a EULA page on the screen. Read the McAfee license carefully and click on Agree and install button. Now you will get McAfee activation window. Enter the register McAfee product key and click on the activate button. Now, wait for completing the McAfee antivirus installation. Now open McAfee dashboard and determine all the features. Go to settings and make changes on your McAfee antivirus according to your needs.

How do I activate my McAfee Product Key?

If you have preinstalled McAfee on your computer and need to activate your McAfee account then follow the given steps:

  1. Open your web browser and visit McAfee Product activation website
  2. Click on My Account (upper right-side)
  3. Go to login and enter your McAfee credentials
  4. Now click on activate McAfee
  5. You will get an activation window
  6. Now enter McAfee my account activation code
  7. Hit the activate button

Wait for completing the McAfee activation and then click on my subscription window. Check whether your plan gets activated on not.

How to extend McAfee subscription with product key?

Many McAfee subscriptions are not available for every version of the McAfee application. If your McAfee application does not provide a subscription feature then you can renew the plan by visiting the McAfee activation website. If your McAfee application allows McAfee subscription then go to McAfee mobile security application and click on options. Visit the subscription information page and enter the subscription key. Finally hit the OK button. Now again go to the subscription window and check whether your plan gets extended or not.


You can also visit direct McAfee website to complete your setup or call at 1800 3000 2454.

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