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Norton antivirus is an antivirus and anti-malware software program developed by Symantec Corporation in 1991. Symantec distributes this product as a download, OEM, and box copy. Norton antivirus program uses signature and heuristics for scanning viruses. This antivirus software program is designed to detect and kill the viruses and other harmful viruses from your PC and other devices. It provides a complete protection and security to your devices. It is a code which searches the malware and removes all types of infectious virus from your computer.

If you want to keep your laptop in a good condition then you should also think about the health of Norton Antivirus. So it is very important to keep the Norton Antivirus updated with the latest version. If your computer is running with outdated Norton Antivirus software then your device may be not fully protected. New types of viruses are arriving every day. The prior versions of antivirus programs are not able to remove them. The designer of Norton antivirus updates the database on regular bases to deal with every new virus code. So if you want protection from new types of malware then you should update your antivirus program on a regular base. You can get issues due to an outdated version of Norton Antivirus; you can Renew Norton With Product Key and give your device the best protection from all malware and malicious software programs.

One of the major sources of getting an infection is the internet. If you are surfing the internet for the whole day, many malicious URL and different viruses tend to damage your data. But today, the internet is a basic need for all types of businesses. If you are using the internet without a good antivirus protection then your system is at risk. Norton Antivirus program provides you security from all types of malicious URLs, spyware, hackers etc. Norton provides many excellent features for security and there are numbers of Norton Antivirus products available in the market.


Norton Product Key Activation
If you want to use all features of your Norton Antivirus software program then always activate your antivirus with product key. Norton com setup product key is important because it makes you sure that you are using legitimate Norton Antivirus software program. Norton Product Key also stops software piracy.


What is Norton Product Key?
Norton Activation Product key is a unique series of 25 alphanumeric characters. It provides authentication to your antivirus. It has *****-*****-*****-*****-***** pattern.
When you install the product key the activation will start automatically when you use your Norton Antivirus for the very first time. But you can only activate the Norton Activation key when you have a smooth internet connection. It is very important to use Norton Setup with Product Key; if not then you will see a pop-up message every time you starts a PC. It will appear every time until you activate Norton with product key.

How to start Norton Product Key Activation?

  • Click on the Norton icon
  • Click on Renew or Activation
  • Log in your Norton Service Account by using the Norton account details
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and choose one of these commands:
  • If you have your license with you, go to the subscription and follow the instructions
  • If you have your Norton Product key, press the enter key> Enter Norton Product key>follow the onscreen commands
  • If you don’t have the license, go to purchase a subscription. It will redirect you to the Norton Store website, you can easily purchase from there

Norton Antivirus Products available in the market:

  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton 360
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Identity Protection

Norton Antivirus provides security support for all kinds of devices like PC, laptops, tablets, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones Mac Computers. It also helps to provide security to other application software like Office Com Setup 365


Issues while Activating Norton Product Key

You may get some sort of issues during Norton 360 online service activation. You can get issues due to weak internet connection, entering the wrong activation key, misread instructions etc. If you are having any kind of problem while activation the Setup, you can easily contact us and get the best support. Our expert technical staff will solve your Norton Activate issues in a very reliable way. You can call our toll-free number for getting the appropriate steps for activating Norton Com Setup. Make sure to keep your product key of 25 alphanumeric characters with you when you asking for technical guidelines from our technicians. We are providing round the clock service for seven days a week for resolving all kinds of errors related to Norton Internet Security Setup.

Why do you choose our Norton Customer Service Support for Activating Norton Product Keys?
We are offering 24*7 services which mean you can contact us at any time of the day. You can ask for all kinds of technical help regarding Norton Antivirus. You can easily get the support for all issues related to Norton Activation Keys. You don’t have to carry your device to any service center for help. You can get the step by step guidelines over the phone from our expert technicians.

We are providing you support for all issues related to Norton Antivirus, some are mentioned below:

  • Fixing Norton Antivirus Product Key setup error
  • How to install Norton Antivirus setup
  • Norton Antivirus not scanning issues
  • Norton Antivirus upgrading plans
  • Issues related to updating Norton Antivirus

You can also face some other issues also while using Norton Antivirus; our support team will listen to your issue and gives you the best guidance in a very friendly way. We are offering 24*7 services which mean you can ask for help any time to get in an issue. You can get our service via a phone call; this will save your time as well as money.

How to install Norton antivirus with product key on your Windows computer?


Norton antivirus is a security software program developed and distributed by Symantec. Norton is providing better protection tools for years and still known as the best antivirus around the globe. If you want to secure your Windows device from internet threats then get Norton setup enter product key and enhance the security of your device. Norton provides runtime security that scans every file and URL before loading. The firewall of Norton monitors your incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks all the unauthorized access. Norton provides VPN, password manager, scheduled scan, online backup, email protection, and various other tools that keep malware threats away from PC. Install Norton with Norton security product key and access the internet without any concern.

What is Norton Internet Security Activation Key?

Norton provides a key for activating your Norton plan. If you are buying Norton setup from the market then you will get your Norton antivirus product key in a card inside the retail box. But if you are purchasing your Norton plan from the online store then you will receive your key on the registered email address. So make sure to provide a genuine email address while purchasing Norton. Always keep your Norton key with you; you may need this key while reinstalling or transferring Norton license. 


How to Setup Norton antivirus?

 Norton setup with CD

You can only install Norton with CD if you have a CD drive on your computer. CD installation is a better option if you have a CD drive and your internet is poor. But if you don’t have a CD drive then you have to go for online installation. Go to the URL provided on the card of the product key for Norton. If you have a CD drive then insert the CD and you will get the setup on your screen. Double click on the setup and the installation process will start. Now you will get a Norton antivirus key activation pop up on your screen. Enter the Norton key and complete the installation process. Once the installation process completes, you will get a Norton icon on your screen. Tap the icon and Norton dashboard will appear on the screen. Now click on the system scan button to remove all the existing malware from the PC.


Norton online setup

If you want to get Norton from the internet then search Norton security download with product key. Go to the Norton homepage and choose the plan you want to install in your device. 

Things to check before Norton Product Key Entry

  • Open your device and check all the specifications (hard disk space, RAM, processor, OS, etc) and then choose the plan which is compatible with your device.
  • If you have antivirus or any security software program installed in your computer then uninstall it before installing Norton antivirus
  • Clean out your PC and remove all temporary files
  • Update your OS and other installed programs

Now click on the plan you want to purchase. You will be redirected to a billing page. Now fill the billing form carefully and make sure you are entering the correct email address. Now enter your credit/debit card details for purchasing Norton then click on the Buy Now button. Wait until the process gets complete and do not press and button. After purchasing Norton successfully, you will get a message on your screen. 


How to install Norton antivirus with Product Key?

After purchasing Norton antivirus, open the email account (which you have provided while purchasing Norton). You will receive Norton’s email with Norton install Product Key and billing receipt. You will also get an installation link. Click on the link and follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process. Norton will make a quick check on device compatibility. Wait for completing the compatibility check process. If your device is compatible with your Norton plan then it will automatically install Norton on your computer. After completing the Norton installation process, you will get a Norton icon on your desktop. 


How to activate Norton 360 with product key?

If you have purchased Norton from the online store then you will receive the key on your email address. During Norton installation, you will get a pop-up for Norton antivirus key activation. Type the key on the given box or you can also directly copy and paste the key from your email address. Check the key carefully and then click on the activate button. Norton setup will take some time for checking the key and then you will get an activation message on the screen. 


How to activate Norton Product Key for retail purchase?

Check the silver card inside your retail box. You will get a series of 25 alphanumeric characters. While installing the Norton antivirus, you will see the Enter Norton Key column. Type the provided key on the column and click on the Next button. Your Norton plan will get activated. 


How to renew Norton with Product Key?

If you are renewing Norton by purchasing the subscription then you will receive an activated product key which means you don’t have to activate it. But if you purchase Norton from Norton online store then follow the steps mentioned below:

Open Norton dashboard and go to My Norton

Navigate to Device security and click on Open button

Go to Norton’s main window and click on activate now button

Norton sign in prompt will appear on the screen

Log in Norton with your Norton credentials

Now enter the Norton product key and click on activate. Wait for a few seconds and your Norton plan will get activated.


I have Norton Product Key

If you want to renew Norton with product code then go to the start menu and click on device security. Now click on the Help option and hit the Account information button. You will get the activation column. Now enter the Norton product key activation 2020. Once you renew your Norton antivirus, go to my subscription column and check whether your plan gets renewed or not. 

You can also cancel norton subscription and get refund easily, just talk to the Norton Team.


You can also visit direct Norton website to complete your setup or call at 000 800 100 7601.

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