Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number USA

Norton antivirus is one of the top antivirus program software developed by Symantec in 1991. It provides good security from malware and also secures your network. It detects the harmful URLs and blocks their address from accessing. Norton detects all harmful software from files and documents stored in your system.

Sometimes you may issues while using Norton antivirus in their device, contact Norton Tech Support Phone Number for solving all kinds of issues related to Norton Antivirus. If you are not able to solve the issue then try to get the best help support from our expert technician. Our expert will provide you full support either you are working on Windows, Android or Mac. You can directly call to Norton Technical Support Number and talk to our technicians.


Common issues while using Norton Antivirus:

  • Issues during installing the Norton Antivirus: Issues while installing the Norton antivirus is common. Here are the step by step guidelines for installing Norton antivirus.
  1. Open your web browser and search for the official website of Norton antivirus.
  2. Click on Download antivirus in the search bar of Norton Antivirus.
  • Go to your downloads
  1. Click on downloaded Norton file
  2. Click on Run
  3. After the download is complete, enter the Norton Activation Key
  • After activating your Norton antivirus, it will communicate with the server
  • After installing try scanning your device.

If you are facing any kind of issue, contact Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number USA.


  • Frequent crashes: If your system is getting frequent crashes while scanning with Norton antivirus. You can try the steps mentioned below for fixing these crashes:
  1. Close all programs
  2. Restart your device in Safe Mode with Networking
  • Open your Norton antivirus
  1. Try to update with the latest version
  2. Run a full scan using Norton antivirus and try to open the device in normal mode. If this method didn’t solve your problem then try to uninstall and reinstall your Norton antivirus program. If still, you are facing frequent crashes then contact Norton Tech Support Phone Number.
  • The Internet is not working: Sometimes you may see that after installing the Norton antivirus, you are unable to access the internet on your device. This problem occurs when Norton Firewall is blocking the internet connection. Before checking for the other solution, check your ISP. Follow the steps given below for disabling the Norton Firewall:
  1. Close all programs
  2. Restart your device
  • Open Norton Antivirus only
  1. Open settings
  2. Click on the Firewall
  3. Go to general settings
  • Tap the slider to turn in off
  • Go to the Protection alert dialog box
  1. Tap on apply
  2. Select permanently
  3. Click on apply
  • Click on OK
  • Restart your device
  • Open Norton Antivirus
  1. Update your Norton antivirus

After the latest update, turn on your Norton firewall. If you are still unable to get internet access to try calling Norton Technical Support Number.


  • Unable to scan with Norton Antivirus: There can be many possible reasons for this problem like incomplete Norton Setup files. Corrupt program files. Try reinstalling the Norton antivirus, if you are still getting this issue, contact Norton Technical Support Number.
  • Software updates error: Sometimes you may face issues while updating Norton. This issue can occur due to the slow internet connection, firewall, lack of disk space, incomplete Setup files. You can contact Norton Tech Support Phone Number for getting reliable solutions.
  • Unable to access a site: This type of problem occurs when your Norton antivirus detects a website as harmful or malicious. It notifies you about the site and blocks its URL. If you want to access that file then search for website blocking and disable it. Try again to access that particular file.
  • Unable to connect to the server: If you get this type of pop-up while using your antivirus, it means something has distrusted your antivirus from normal execution. Try rebooting your device, check if you are able to connect to the server or not, if not then try troubleshooting service support.


Other issues with Norton antivirus:

  • Upgrading issues in Norton
  • Blue screen error
  • Unable to scan ransom

If you face these issues or any other kind of issues while using Norton antivirus then try dialing Norton Technical Support Number.


Why do need a Norton Tech Support Phone Number?

You may face many minor or major issues while using Norton antivirus. If you are a technical person, you may find solutions for some issues but if you are not from the technical background they changing the settings can be quite harmful to your device. If you want to get quick and reliable solutions for all your issues then calling Norton Tech Support Phone Number is the best solution for you.


Why choose Norton Technical Support Number over Service Center?

Norton Tech Support is offering round the clock service for seven days a week which means you get can our service anytime you counter an issue. But most of the service center does not give you this kind of facility; they are usually closed at night. If you get into a problem at night, you can’t walk out to a service center for help. But we are providing 24*7 services which mean you can get out help any time of the day easily and can save your time and money.


How to connect with Norton Customer Service?

You can easily contact us with many platforms:

Phone call: Dial Norton Technical Support Number and your call will be received by our technical executive who provides you the solution for your every query in a very friendly way.

Live Chat: Many users may feel uncomfortable in a telephonic conversation, for those users we are offering live chat support.

Our help support is also available in other SNS platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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